The Plant Based Difference: The "Go Vegan" Workshop by Lexi Johnson

The Plant Based Difference: The "Go Vegan" Workshop

Discover difference a plant-based diet can have on your life & the lives of those close to you.

You're thinking...

"I really want to go vegan, but I have no idea where to start!"
"I'm looking for a way to reduce my carbon footprint but buying a Tesla is out of the question..."
"I've always loved animals, but I still eat them and it's time for the to stop."
"I've tried everything to get my health back on track, but nothing seems to be working for me..."
  • find your "why" for long term success
  • become a plant-based nutrition expert
  • discover how to navigate the grocery store
  • learn basic vegan cooking tips

Welcome to:

"Truth be told, once you immerse yourself in the life of nourishment and love for others and our planet, you won’t go back!"

what you NEED to know about going vegan

  1. It's not just about the diet, it's about doing the least amount of harm possible to any living being. By making compassion the center of your lifestyle, you set yourself up for a life you can find value in. I find that when you start with one good choice, you end up making so many more better choices in the future.
  2. You're food choices are ENDLESS! Some people think that vegan or plant-based diets are restrictive, this is far from the truth! There are loads of plant-based alternatives to your favorite comfort foods (or straight up junk food)!
  3. Plants do indeed have protein. Plants are actually the original and purest source of protein you'll find. We will dive deep into macro and micro nutrients in the handbook.
  4. It's easier than you think! I know that it's intimidating at first, but I'm here for you! We can do this together. After reading through the starter guide / handbook you'll be well on your way to the lifestyle you desire.

what's inside?

+ The Freedom Formula: My formula I created to manifest what you desire with just 3 simple steps
+ The Wellness Recipe: Learn the how to balance recipe for wellness and why it's more than just nutrition and fitness
+ What is a Plant Based Diet: Learn what is included in a plant based diet and why going vegan is one step further
+ Macros, Micros & Superfoods: Make sure you are staying healthy and getting everything you need & all the superfoods that should be on your radar
+ How to Fill Your Plate: With a new diet comes new habits! You'll learn a new way to fill your plate with all the essentials you need
+ Grocery Shopping Like a Pro: Learn to navigate the grocery store & explore some new cuisines
+ Plant Fueled Fitness: Why a plant-based diet is the best choice you can make for your fitness game

+ Mind-Altering Foods: Learn what foods and micronutrients can affect your mood (and how easy it is)
+ Diet & Mental Health: How your diet reflects your mental health and how you can help heal yourself with just your diet alone
+ The Earthling in All of Us: Learn the environmental impact your choices have on the planet and all the beings that live here
+ Fed Up with the Scam: Why the food industry doesn't want you to know the truth about the food they are feeding us...
+ Food for the Soul: How food can affect you beyond your physical being
+ Plant Based Inspiration: Use the resource list to find your "why"
Module 5: PLANT-BASED RECIPES & MEAL PLAN (over 90 recipes!!)
+ Plant Based Difference Recipe Book: Simple & healthy plant-based recipes - easy for beginners and everyone will love
+ Plant Based on a Budget: This one week meal plan gives you everything you need to stay on a budget while going plant-based
+ 6-week Plant Based Meal Guide: Finally an all-in-one meal guide (grocery lists included) with 6 weeks of meals that won't get old
Recourse library for furthering your education in the plant-based lifestyle


This course is unique because I include two private 1:1 coaching sessions to help you reach your goals. I also host monthly live Q&A sessions for current students and graduates which you'll have access to for a lifetime.


You'll have lifetime access to the secret Facebook support group. Here I will be available for 24/7 online coaching for all students, enrolled and graduated.

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