Healing Holistically: Take control of your wellness by Lexi Johnson

Healing Holistically: Take control of your wellness

Heal your body, mind, and soul through holistic wellness & discover who you were meant to be

If you're feeling...

overwhelmed with all this wellness information out there today
nervous about going after your wellness goals only to be disappointed
tempted to take control of your wellness and manifest your dreams
excited about joining a community of like minded wellness seeking professionals
  • start with a foundation of plant-based nutrition
  • raise your awareness to discover what you truly need
  • grow your wellness toolkit
  • take action and bring your goals to life
  • manifest wellness & learn how to use the same formula in every area of your life

Welcome to:

"Health is a state of mind, and wellness is a state of being."

The Freedom Formula

Awareness + Education + Action = Freedom
The Freedom Formula is a tool that I have developed especially for manifesting wellness. In this course we use it to take control of your wellness and finally feel the freedom you desire. 

The most amazing part about the Freedom Formula is that it can also be used to manifest freedom in your career, at home, or even with relationships in your life. Once you've mastered wellness, I'll show you how to apply it to your

The Wellness Recipe

Body + Mind + Soul
The Wellness Recipes is what we will focus on throughout each module of the course. Overall wellness is so much more than just nutrition and fitness. It's also about your mental health, being mindful, practicing gratitude, and having healthy relationships.

During the course, we break down the Freedom Formula to dive deeper into wellness of the body, the mind, and the soul. But, the healing process begins with you! It's your turn to take the leap and make it happen. I'll be here for you every step of the way.

Course Outline

+ Module 1: Foundation
Start by learning my freedom formula I created to manifest and the wellness recipe to bring your life into balance. It's more than just nutrition and fitness! Then we dive into your unique Human Design to find out who you were meant to be and how you were meant to live.
+ Module 2: Awareness
Become aware of where you need healing and set your intentions. Here we will also start the deconditioning process of stripping away what is no longer serving you to reveal your true self.
+ Mosule 3: Education
Discover how everything in your life is affecting your overall wellness and decide what self-care / wellness techniques work best for you and your unique design. You'll gain access to the plant based difference 'going vegan' handbook to use for your own growth as well.
+ Module 4: Action
Bring your goals to life by taking action on what you've learned. You'll also learn your unique decision making process and how you should be interacting with the energy around you to bring you the most success in health, fitness, relationships, careers, and more.
+ Module 5: Freedom
Find balance in your unique self and manifest wellness by living by your design. Continue the healing process by learning how to 'coach yourself' and find freedom in stripping away what you're unhealthily holding on to.
+ Resource Library
Unlimited access to the top vegan and wellness resources out there. Includes the 6-week meal plan, the budget meal plan, and the recipe book (over 90 recipes)!


This course is unique because I include two private 1:1 coaching sessions to help you reach your goals. I also host monthly live Q&A sessions for current students and graduates which you'll have access to for a lifetime.


You'll have lifetime access to the secret Facebook support group. Here I will be available for 24/7 online coaching for all students, enrolled and graduated.


How long is the course?

The course contains 5 modules and is meant to be a 5 week long course.

Why does this course cover manifestation, I thought it was a wellness course?

We cover manifestation (and more) because your overall wellness is so much more than just nutrition and fitness. Everything that you experience as a human affects your overall wellness and in this course we don't leave anything out!

What does the online community look like where you offer 24/7 coaching?

This online community is created through a secret group in Facebook. A secret group is one where your friends won't see what your post or even that you're in it. It's a safe place where you can share all things wellness and get help from me, course graduates, or your classmates!

Educating Earthlings

I'm Lexi from Educating Earthlings. I'm so glad you're here to take control of your wellness in a healthy and holistic way. 
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