Just the eBook Bundle by Lexi Johnson

Just the eBook Bundle

This eBook bundle is an affordable alternative to enrolling in a guided course

This is for you if

+ You're interested in starting a plant-based diet and want to start today
+ You're looking for an affordable option to one of my courses
+ You have the time to read through these informational PDFs yourself
+ Need plant-based meal plan inspiration and don't know where to start

$57 off enrollment link included!

If you decide you want to enroll in one of my courses later, don't worry. You'll be able to apply what you've already paid to the course price!

What's included?

File Icon 7 files
The Freedom Formula
2.38 MB
The Wellness Recipe
3.67 MB
The Plant Based Difference Handbook
2.06 MB
The Plant Based Difference Recipe Book
5.98 MB
Plant Based Budget Meal Plan (1 week)
6.36 MB
6 Week Plant Based Meal Plan (50 Recipes)
15 MB
1.93 MB

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