Single Coaching Session by Lexi Johnson

Single Coaching Session

This coaching session is an affordable alternative to enrolling in a guided course

This is for you if...

+ You're feeling like you've tried everything and you can't get your wellness on track
+ You're looking for a guide to help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently based on your personal uniqueness
+ You're interested in one of my courses but want something more specific to you
+ You've heard about Human Design and want a full reading!

Here's what we'll talk about:

+ Discover your unique Human Design to find out who you were meant to be and how you were meant to live.
+ Start the deconditioning process of stripping away what is no longer serving you to reveal your true self.
+ Discover how everything in your life is affecting your overall wellness and learn what techniques work best for you and your unique design.
+ Learn your unique decision making process to bring you success in health, wellness, relationships, careers, and more.


Lexi really is passionate about what she does. You can feel her joy when she finds out how you can best reach your goals. I'm coming back for more!
Lexi was able to work with my busy schedule and always willing to chat and share about her experiences. She's an open book! I'd really recommend talking to her about your Human Design Chart

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I'm Lexi from Educating Earthlings.
I help high vibe humans uncover who they are with the help of Human Design & my very own Freedom Formula.