Authentically You: The Personal Growth Workshop by Lexi Johnson

Authentically You: The Personal Growth Workshop

Discover who you were meant to be through this 14-week workshop & learn about your unique Human Design.

If you're feeling...

Overworked while listening to others tell you what you should do
Disappointed after not reaching your goals as easily as others do
Tempted to take control of your life and manifest your dreams
The desire to help others become their best selves
Excited to join a community of like minded high vibe humans
We will cover...
  • the basics of Human Design
  • your unique Human Design chart
  • importance of deconditioning
  • the future of Human Design
  • how to read charts for your loved ones
"Human Design has given me an excuse to be authentically me!"

The Human Design Experiment

~ the new personal growth tool for wellness advocates ~
Each and every one of us has a soul. Our souls have lived lives long before this one and have their own unique energetics. Human Design is a tool that helps you see the energetics of your soul.

Human Design came into existence only about 30 years ago, so it's a very new way of looking at life. It does however, take into account many different ancient teachings such as astrology, the chakra system, the Kabbalah, the Chinese i-ching, and so much more. The information that's available about Human Design I have found to be very rigid and one sided, rather than simply using the concepts to help us better flow with the Universe.

This workshop teaches us that Human Design is an amazing tool for personal growth. It's here for us to learn more about ourselves and our loved ones. It's here to give us permission to stop following social norms or expectations of our family and start living the way we were meant to live.

The best part is that by the end of this workshop, you'll be able to read Human Design charts for all your loved ones to help them become authentically themselves too.

The Freedom Formula

Awareness + Education + Action = Freedom
The Freedom Formula is a tool that I have personally developed for manifesting my own dreams. In this workshop, I'm giving you this formula to help you take control of your life and finally feel the freedom you desire. 

Course Outline

+ WEEK 1: Intro to HD
Get the brief 411 of Human Design and what it can do for you.
+ WEEK 2: Your HD Chart
Dive into your unique chart during a 1:1 coaching call with me as your guide.
+ WEEK 3: History of HD
Dig into where HD came from and what it is here to help us with.
+ WEEK 4: Deconditioning
The most important component of HD is stripping away all of your conditioning from the outside world.
+ WEEK 5: The 9 Energy Centers
Learn about each energy center and how each of them play a role in who you are.
+ WEEK 5: Energy Types & Strategy
Generator, Man-Gens, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors OH MY!
+ WEEK 6: Authority
There is a single energy center that you should listen to when making decisions, seriously.
+ WEEK 7: Profiles
What's that weird fraction thing in my chart and what does it mean?
+ WEEK 8: Incarnation Cross
Learn what your soul chose as its major lesson during this lifetime.
+ WEEK 9: Variables (the arrows)
How do you manifest, digest food, choose routines, and so much more.
+ WEEK 10: Lines & Gates
64 energetic gates that correlate with the 64 codons of the human dna - crazy stuff right?!
+ WEEK 11: Design & Personality
The two parts that make up each chart is the design of your soul and the personality it chose for this life.
+ WEEK 12: Relationships
How to use HD to cultivate healthy relationships in your life.
+ WEEK 13: The Freedom Formula
Use the Freedom Formula along side HD to manifest your dream life.
+ WEEK 14: Future of HD
The New Paradigm, using HD to raise children, and reading charts for others.


This course is unique because I include two private 1:1 coaching sessions to help you reach your goals. I also post monthly Q&A videos available to current students and graduates which you'll have access to for a lifetime.


You'll have lifetime access to the secret Authentically You Facebook Group. I will be available for 24/7 online coaching for all students, enrolled and graduated.

Educating Earthlings Learning Center

I'm Lexi from Educating Earthlings.
I help high vibe humans uncover who they are with the help of Human Design & my very own Freedom Formula.