Giving you an excuse to be Authentically You.

Each program is fit for you. Whether your choose a workshop or 1:1 coaching, we will use my Freedom Formula during each program, which I've created as a simple step by step plan to manifesting freedom.

The Plant Based Difference: The "Go Vegan" Workshop

A 6-week healthy living workshop & starter guide for harnessing the power of a plant-based diet - two 1:1 coaching sessions included.

Authentically You: The Personal Growth Workshop

A 14-week personal growth & wellness workshop for discovering who you are meant to be by diving deep into your unique Human Design chart - two 1:1 coaching sessions included.

3-month Coaching Bundle

Elevate your life by investing in your wellbeing. 15% off with 3-month bundle!

6-month Coaching Bundle

Elevate your life by investing in your wellbeing. 20% off with 6-month bundle!

Single Coaching Session

Get a coaching session with me at an affordable price. Includes a Human Design chart reading, how to live by our unique design, your personal wellness questions answered.

Just the eBook Bundle

Get the top eBooks I offer in my online courses (includes 6+ weeks of meal plans & the beginner recipe book) at an affordable price - does not include any instruction or guidance

Educating Earthlings Learning Center

I'm Lexi from Educating Earthlings.
I help high vibe humans uncover who they are with the help of Human Design & my very own Freedom Formula.